Iraq. Attack on Italian soldiers, five wounded


Explosive attack on Italian soldiers in Iraq: five wounded, three of them in serious condition. It is learned from Defense sourcesThe attack – reports the General Staff of Defense – took place in the morning near Kirkuk. A rudimentary explosive device, hidden underground, is detonated when a mixed team of Italian special forces stationed in the country passes. The team was carrying out training activities ("mentoring and training") in favor of the Iraqi security forces engaged in the fight against ISIS. Missone that – let defense sources know – will go ahead.


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The five soldiers involved in the explosion were immediately rescued, evacuated with US helicopters, part of the coalition, and transported to a "Role 3" mobile hospital, where they are receiving appropriate care. The military is not life threatening. The most serious suffered injuries to his leg. The soldiers owe their salvation to having found themselves in an armored vehicle. Families have been informed.The Defense Minister, Lorenzo Guerini, "was promptly made aware of the attack by the Chief of Staff of Defense, General Enzo Vecciarelli, and is closely following – it is emphasized – the evolution of the situation".


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Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini immediately informed the President of the Republic Mattarella and the President of the Council Conte. The Minister, underlined to the Defense, "in these hours of concern, expresses the deepest closeness to the families and colleagues of the military involved".

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