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Explosive attack on Italian soldiers in Iraq: five wounded, three of them in serious condition. ANSA learns from defense sources.

The attack, reports the Defense Staff, occurred in the morning when an IED, a rudimentary explosive device, is detonated by the passage of a mixed team of Italian special forces in Iraq.

The team was carrying out training activities ("mentoring and training") in favor of the Iraqi security forces engaged in the fight against ISIS.

The five soldiers involved in the explosion were immediately rescued, evacuated with US helicopters belonging to the coalition and transported to a "Role 3" hospital where they are receiving the appropriate treatment.

Three of the five soldiers are in serious condition, but their lives would not be in danger. The Defense Minister, Lorenzo Guerini, "was promptly made aware of the attack by the Chief of Staff of Defense, General Enzo Vecciarelli, and is closely following – it is emphasized – the evolution of the situation".

The three wounded have all suffered serious injuries to their legs: for one, according to what has been learned, it was necessary to resort to a partial amputation of a leg. The rudimentary device would have hit them on a foot mission, led by the Iraqi security forces they are training.

Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini is following "with attention and apprehension" the developments of the attack in Iraq. The minister, immediately informed of the situation by the Chief of Staff of the Defense, immediately informed the President of the Republic Mattarella and the President of the Council Conte.

The Minister, underlined to the Defense, "in these hours of concern, expresses the deepest closeness to the families and colleagues of the military involved".

"I am following what happened in Iraq to our soldiers involved in an attack with pain and apprehension. Our boys were employed in training activities for Iraqi security forces engaged in fighting ISIS. In these cases the first thought goes to the soldiers affected, to their families and to all our men and women in uniform who risk their lives every day to guarantee our security. We carefully follow every development ". Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio writes this on Facebook.

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