Inzaghi counts for Lecce



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Inzaghi counts for Lecce

No time to absorb fatigue and mentally store the heavy knockout against the Celtic, that the Lazio must already prepare the insidious race with Lecce. A commitment that should not be underestimated, because the Salento players have made 8 of the 10 points in the standings and in the last few weeks have stopped both Milan (2-2) and Juventus (1-1). Beyond the qualities of the opponents, to make the Olimpico's challenge even more difficult is the condition of the Biancocelesti team which is not – and cannot be – the best. Because if in the head weighs the European failure, now almost certain, in the legs the 6 games played in 20 days are heard. These will be important hours for coaches Inzaghi who must understand how his players will recover to decide who to send on Sunday at 3pm at the Olimpico.

Let's start with sure absent ones. Radu is Marusic they will have it for at least another 15-20 days, then they will see each other again after the break. The biggest question mark concerns the offensive department with Correa, Caicedo is Building not 100%. The Argentine was injured on Tuesday due to a fortuitous blow immediately in training. He was not called up for Celtic but only as a precaution, so much so that yesterday morning he was already in the field working with the group. Tomorrow he will be back next to Immobile, which continues to score in bursts. The blue striker cannot be at his best because he has accumulated fatigue but Inzaghi will not give up. Caicedo, on the other hand, went out to San Siro for a shoulder problem. Thursday he played by gritting his teeth and didn't shine: he will start out. There are in midfield She goes is Milinkovic whose conditions are to be evaluated. They played a lot in this tour de force, with the Serbian who has always started in the 6 games played from 20 days onwards, while the Brazilian has missed only the one against Atalanta due to suspension. Hardly they will rest, considering the imminent pause. Likely therefore that he will be asked for more effort because winning against Lecce, two days after the debut with Celtic, would be of double importance. – the transfer market updated 24 hours a day

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