Inter-Verona 2-1, report cards: Fantasy stretcher, Push sticks; Amrabat magnet


These Inter report cards after the 2-1 comeback win over Verona in the 12 day advance:
Handanovic: 5.5
The exit that causes the penalty rather rash, the avoidable foul.
Skriniar: 6
In the action of the penalty late on the cut. Then protect well.
De Vrij: 6.5
Having no one who marks plays well as a low director.
Sticks: 6.5
In the second part he lights up the rockets and moves the Nerazzurri spaceship
Lazaro: 6.5
Party distracted, leaving spaces: redeeming itself by placing the cross of the draw.
Vecino: 6.5
Must find continuity. however decisive: it scores the same and had even touched it a little before with a nice shot.
Brozovic: 6
Play battimuro: pull and the ball comes back on him. Start shiny, then bottle.
Stretcher: 7
A goal (the first in the league) as a true playmaker, which one does not. L in the middle everything rests on him, even when for too much enthusiasm he makes a simple play.
Biraghi: 6
Some crosses the guess, revisable in defense.
Lukaku: 6
Work well for the team. He untangles himself twice in the Giallobl jungle, fails for an easy ball-goal.
Lautaro: 5
Much confusion, no danger. He doesn't understand the game.
Candreva: 6.5
It will be a coincidence, but as soon as Inter enters, the match is overturned.
Count: 7
Archives the Dortmund defeat and puts the nose back in front of Juve. Ten victories are full of confidence and give him reason on the whole line: on and off the field.


These are the Verona report cards:
Silvestri: 7
The road to the comeback comes. He surrenders, but only after having rejected the impossible.
Rrahmani: 6.5
Cancel Lautaro without granting him anything.
Gunter: 5.5
The only flaw lose the contrast with Vecino.
Empereur: 6.5
Emperor of defense. Decisive twice: it starts the action of the advantage and removes on the line the equal to Inter.
Pharaohs: 5
Its much, too, open side.
Amrabat: 6.5
A human magnet: it sticks to everything, it clogs every way. Per makes two mistakes: launches Lukaku and fails to stop Barella.
Pessina: 6
Lucid and mature, he defends and knows how to raise the team.
Lazovic: 6.5
Band dictator, do what he wants. Bring the right brick in the action of rigor.
Verre: 6.5
Glacial in turning the penalty, travels a thousand in counterattacks, relentless prompter.
Salcedo: 5.5
He moves with reason, but soon comes to him little, in precious cover.
Zaccagni: 6
Fake striker, he actually defends like everyone. Capitalize on the only playable ball and earn the penalty.
Tutino: 5
His entry busts the team.
Henderson: 5
It should bring physical, soft.
Juric: 6
Before the match he had the best defense in the league, not by chance. It has two lines (defense and midfield) compact, granitic, capable of moving like a rubber band. For an episodic team ahead.

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