Inter, the outburst is a strategy: it's all part of the package


The Nerazzurri coach, after losing to Dortmund, spoke very clearly about the mistakes made in the programming phase

"Strategy With you, all designed to try to raise the engine revs ”. At Skysport, Matteo Barzaghi explains the situation at Inter following the outburst of the Juventus coach for the defeat with the Dortmund. "He is like that, take it or leave it. It is part of the package. No one asked him to win in the first year, but he realized that with a great work of the team and an effort by the company on the market the gap can be reduced. The first place is at one point and then the outburst is explained"Explained the journalist.

There are no problems with the management and the Nerazzurri coach himself repeated it at the press conference, the one preceding the match against Verona tomorrow. The club however – they explain to Skysport – is called to raise the bar. Despite the difficulties for the superficiality in the construction of the rose on a numerical level. A few more elements were needed, and now the injuries have removed Conte's choice. Many players are making an effort. He has not yet completely overcome the adductor problem and even against the Veronese, he will have to do without the quality man in midfield. The technician, however, does not want to give up anything and for this reason he is still pushing on the accelerator and keeping everyone on attention.

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