Inter, that's why Conte is angry: Ausilio had guaranteed him …


The focus on the words of the Nerazzurri coach proposed in today's edition of the newspaper

Today's edition of 'Il Giornale' analyzes in depth the words spoken by Antonio Conte between the post Dortmund and yesterday's press conference:

"Conte is angry because he wanted to reinforce the owners and holders stronger than those he has (Vidal above all). He did not have them because Zhang said stop at the expense (of the most expensive market in the history of Inter, moreover) and because Ausilio guaranteed him that Borja Valero & C. would be useful again.

That's why Conte is angry, even if he now pretends it's not true. "Mine is a constructive criticism, not an indictment of someone. We must all go in the same direction ", the words that try to put the crisis under the carpet".

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