"Inter, that's who the real driver is. Lukaku-Icardi? If …"


Speaking to the microphones of Radio Radio Lo Sport, Sandro Sabatini spoke of the confrontation between Mauro Icardi and Romelu Lukaku. This is the journalist's comment: "If you collect 15 million from Joao Mario, with the same money you have to take a midfielder better than Joao Mario. If you collect 20 from Perisic, with those 20 you have to get one better. The treasure is fine, but they have been players given away for a year and they don't have very high redemption prices apart from Icardi. We remove Wanda, we take away Tiki Taka, if I have two players like Lukaku and Icardi that cost both 70 million, it is convenient to have Icardi as a team.

If the Psg has to choose between Lukaku and Icardi at 70 million, take Icardi. If Real Madrid has to choose between Lukaku and Icardi at 70 million, take Icardi. Then Lukaku is good, he helps the team. I am not saying that it is scarce, but at the same cost … Lukaku is a player who has been paid a lot and it is in the normal state that there are these goals. He takes 9 million of salary, we are talking about a player who has been very well paid and therefore must give a performance to the height. He's good, I'm not arguing.

Conte complains that they didn't take Dzeko from him, but if they took Dzeko from him, he wouldn't find Lautaro Martinez like that. The real driving player of this first part of Inter's season is Lautaro and not Lukaku ".

(Radio Radio)

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