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Double overtaking. On the pitch at Verona, for more than an hour ahead, but above all in the Juventus standings. With the hope that Milan will make the miracle of stopping it, to enjoy more than one night the first place found, alone or in company. Inter could not have closed the first seven-game cycle in twenty days better, just after the defeat with the bianconeri that on 6 October had beaten it by taking away its primacy. The budget says that Conte's team won four out of five in the league, again with a goal against Sassuolo, Brescia, Bologna and Verona in fact, he drew at home against Parma, with a success and a defeat against Borussia Dortmund, but with the goal difference in favor. Not bad, especially in the league, though Inter, for better or for worse, has always suffered from the beginning with the 4-3 on the Sassuolo field to the end with this 2-1 at home against Verona, which came from two consecutive successes. A last show of strength, in pure Conte style, even if the very fact that the well-deserved success matures in the final belies the Nerazzurri coach, because you don't win so if you are tired and always play the same. The truth is another and concerns the different intensity of the Italian championship compared to the European cups, as shown by the results of the other Italian teams, from the difficulties of Juventus to the last defeats in the recoveries of Lazio and Rome.HOW MANY OCCASIONS – Conte leaves Godin at rest again and is half a rejection, this time being saved for the Champions League. With Skriniar in place on the right, still keeping De Vrij in the center with the insertion of Sticks to the left, Inter however suffer equally in defense, also because they are poorly protected by midfielders more inclined to set than to stop. And so, at the first dangerous speed start, Verona takes the lead. Nobody closes on Lazovic who undoes Zaccagni on the left, where there are neither Lazaro nor Skriniar, good at showing up alone in front of Handanovic who clearly hooks a foot out of him. It is a clear penalty, without the need for TV checks suggested by the Var, transformed with a strong and central shot by Verre. So it has not passed 20 minutes yet, so Inter has plenty of time to draw. The opportunities for the truth are not lacking because the Nerazzurri, finally with their real jersey, repeatedly touch the 1-1, with Lukaku twice, Brozovic, De Vrij, Biraghi and above all Vecino, whose diagonal gives the illusion of goals because the ball exceeds the white line by a few centimeters but not entirely, as the regulation prescribes and as soon as the clock of the referee Valeri confirms.

ZERO PULL A GOAL – The moral, at the end of the first half, but also of the second, is a mockery for Inter because the Verona goes ahead without ever having pulled at least once in the mirror of Handanovic's goal. But if precision is lacking in the feet or on the head of the players of Conte, it is not possible to blame those of Juric that indeed have the great merit of defending themselves with order, trying to start off again as soon as possible. If anything, Inter is to blame for playing only in the middle, making little use of the side straps, because Biraghi is hardly seen on the left, but above all Lazaro on the right never crosses with the aggravating circumstance of never closing on Lazovic. So it's easy to rethink the last defeat to Borussia Dortmund, because Inter lack of speed and imagination, focusing only on grit and crosses from the frontline, which do not surprise the opposing defenders.

THE IMPORTANCE OF BANDS – The recovery is the natural continuation of the first half, because Inter try to break through the middle, again touching the draw with Lukaku. The only difference is Verona's greater willingness to seek the counter-attack that evidently scares Conte, good at relaunching Candreva, this time to the left, instead of Biraghi. The idea is to exploit the lateral bands and it is curious that the turning point, however, arrives from the opposite side. As a demonstration of the importance of this solution, Lazaro with his first decent cross finds Vecino's head that in a striker's position perfectly deflects the well-deserved 1-1 ball.

FINAL ASSAULT – At this point, pushed by the public, Inter started the assault of the winning goal, also because Verona struggled to get out of his half. Sticks forcing Silvestri to a difficult detour, but above all it is Lukaku who fails an easy chance, weakly deflecting in the arms of the goalkeeper out of the box. It looks like a haunted game and then Conte raises Esposito instead of the battered Lautaro Martinez. The 2-1 goal, however, comes from a midfielder and it is a great goal because Barella is centered and starts a champion right-footed that slips into the corner. Right, rightly so. And never mind if the success was more painful than expected. After all, this is precisely the winning spirit of Conte.


Scorers: Verre (rig) 19 ’, Vecino 20’ s.t., Barella 38 ’s.t.

Inter: Handanovic; Skriniar, de Vrij, Bastoni; Lazaro (from 40 ’s.t. D’Ambrosio), Barella, Brozovic, Vecino, Biraghi (from 18’ s.t. Candreva); Lukaku, Lautaro (from 36 ’s.t. Esposito).

Hellas Verona: Silvestri; Rrahmani, Empereur, Gunter; Faraoni, Amrabat, Pessina, Lazovic; Zaccagni (from 5 ’s.t. Tutino), Verre (from 18’ s.t. Henderson); Salcedo (from 39 ’s.t. Stepinski).

Booked: Brozovic (I), Zaccagni (V), Lautaro (I), Barella (I)

Referee: Paolo Valeri (of the Rome Section)

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