Inter, once upon a time there was the impenetrable defense. Too many goals conceded for Conte


In front of Inter it works, the team scores, but maybe it takes too many goals. In the last period the Nerazzurri rear does not seem to be as solid as at the beginning of the season and the numbers confirm it.
"There are 30 goals scored overall in the 15 seasonal outings and the Nerazzurri have never been dry. On the contrary, with at least one network trimmed today at Verona, Conte would equate Simoni as the only coach of the Nerazzurri history always on target in the first 12 league days. The numbers on the other side of the field are very different. And to think that the season had begun at large even before Handanovic. In the first 6 official races, in fact, the balls finished in the Nerazzurri goal had only been 2, with 4 "clean sheets". From Lazio onwards, however, the situation was completely reversed. In 9 games, the goals conceded have become as many as 15 and only with Borussia at S. Siro Handa remained unbeaten ", reads in the Corriere dello Sport.
FATIGUE"In addition to Handanovic, for example, even Skriniar has not lost a minute and De Vrij is in the top 5 of the most employed. And the numbers also tell of how much the absence of D’Ambrosio has weighed: 7 goals conceded in the 8 races in which he was on the field, 10 in the 7 in which there was none. However, the analysis cannot do without tactics. And the networks collected by Inter have been very similar. In the sense that they arrive with the defense lined up, almost always at the edge of the area, and with an opponent who finds himself free to kick in the goal. The most recent examples are the 2 feats of Hakimi from Borussia, but it also happened with Brescia, with Juventus, with Sampdoria, etc. In short, what emerges is that Inter is struggling to defend itself low ".

ADAPTATION"While De Vrij was already used to the 3 defense: he was the central pivot of that of Lazio and it is not by chance that he is the Nerazzurri defender who is guaranteeing the highest return. Skriniar and, above all, Godin find themselves instead in a system that they knew little, with the Slovak who is also adapting himself to play on the left, despite being of right foot. But it is the Uruguayan who is in greatest difficulty because, compared to Atletico, he finds himself guarding a wider area of ​​the field, having to face, maybe an opponent with much more leg. Not by chance, with D’Ambrosio among the plants the mechanisms worked better. And, not surprisingly, Conte awaits his return with anxiety ", adds the newspaper.


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