"Inter, mental leap. Vecino bravo in depth. Stretcher …"


"Surely Inter changed everything from the mental point of view. Today there were difficulties in the first half, but in the second half the countermeasures were found. Verona has not entrenched itself in defense, has tried to restart with players and midfielders and has put the Nerazzurri in trouble with their weapons ». At the end of the match between Inter and Verona, Massimo Paganin he analyzed the Nerazzurri's victory and added: «There were so many opportunities and shots. There is something to improve and the beauty is this, there are margins of growth in the construction phase and in the management of the ball. Things have to be arranged because the team has to grow especially against opponents who are falling a lot. Especially if they go ahead like today».

-Lazaro, first holder at San Siro. In your opinion, how did it go?

He was proactive and often sought one on one, entered the field with insistence, is a player who is learning to move. It gives different solutions and consequently for Conte it is an extra player who gives depth to the squad and can lend a hand to helping the opponent. He also found the assist for Vecino in a well-maneuvered action also made with Sticks.

-Vecino criticized at the beginning of the season but in the decisive moments he is …

He is a particular player, if he is matched to Barella's dynamism and to the construction of Sensi it is clear he struggles but he is good at always staying in the race and being decisive when needed. He knows how to enter without a ball in the area, he loses himself in the construction of the game, but a player who is able to finish opens spaces even for his companions. Even the percentage of successful passes is not high, touches a few balls but is good in depth and creates important spaces. When the midfielder enters that space, one of the defenders must mark it and space is created for other midfielders or forwards. It is a preparation for the match which led to victory.

– Approach to the race seemed in difficulty …

It could have been the result in the first half, the chances were there, Inter nevertheless entered the field with a twist. Something was missing in the final phase. It was not easy to overturn it because then another twenty minutes passed in the second half, even before Vecino, it is not easy to keep calm and still build chances.

-Barella perhaps did not make his best game, then he made a sensational goal …

He is a very young player, the goal is a confirmation of how good he is doing. I'm happy for him.

-De Vrij as always gave a hand during construction …

He played in his own half and in the opposing one, all three defenders were inserted. When the solutions are not found, the defenders need to be involved. Inter attacked more this evening for central routes to break through vertically. It is a team that is growing mentally and is making significant progress from that point of view, it might not be easy but the competitive nastiness in wanting to recover the result there was a deserved victory and a step forward on awareness.

-Conte lives the game in a particular way, that exultation …

Conte knows that everything he builds turns into performance and it's all he does that becomes a result for Inter, he's happy with it. Surely he has downloaded a bit of everything in Barella's goal, he knows that the break comes and he knows he will be able to prepare for the final rush. It is growing and the coach knows that it is important to win before this break. He is putting distance even towards the teams that arrive later.

-Gola di Barella impromptu play: how much do you need a player like that?

It is no coincidence, however, that the midfielders come to score, Conte works on the fact that they arrive near the door and go to finish for a partner.

-Bastoni starts the action on Vecino's goal …

Happy also for him because he is growing, even if he still has a long way to go, he has been able to take advantage of the amplitude of the team.

(Source: Inter TV)

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