Inter-market Calciomercato, Marotta's announcement on the shots: reply to Conte


INTER MAROTTA SOCCER SALE / A few minutes from the championship match between Inter is Verona, Beppe Marotta spoke of the market in response to Antonio's recent words With you: "I know very well Antonio, a very strict and demanding man. He has a very strong culture of victory, he also has a particular style of communication. In the content of what he said we are all aligned: the pursuit of excellence belongs to everyone. he goes through a gradual path, we have to be very careful because everything can be improved, everything can be perfected but we need a little time – he explains to 'Sky Sport' microphones – The first opportunity to support the staff better is that of the January transfer market. We will present ourselves to see what the opportunities are. Let us work together, with great serenity, to bring Inter up. " Click here to stay updated.

Analyzing the requests of With you, Marotta he continued his examination revealing the profiles he will acquire: "Important interventions? Experience tells me that January is a poor and arid market. Our intention is to seize opportunities, time and availability are important.

We present ourselves aware of having a strong company and a very good coach, as demonstrated by the way in which we conduct the dynamics of this world. We will see what happens. To satisfy Conte also means to please us. January strategy? Experience is important for a player, but it is important that he is not near the end of his career. We must evaluate all the opportunities. In the organic, there is a mix of youth and experience even if the experience is not marked. From this point of view we are still a bit in the rearguard. We talked about the little bar that rises, our bar must rise again looking for profiles requested by the coach ".

Finally, Marotta talked about the way he prefers to set his work on the market: "I didn't expect to be one point behind Juve. We have to see positive things from every criticism. We need to look ahead. We need to raise the bar and "We will do absolutely. It is the will of everyone. I am a promoter of team work, each has a different weight than the other. The sports area depends on me but I cannot but rely on the technical staff. The DS offers the coach profiles with name and surname, then together we get to choices. There is a reason to reconnect a strong team in respect of the club's balance sheet and economic balance ".

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