"Inter has character, Lukaku continues to impress"


Thus the journalist described Inter's victory over Verona

In the columns of the Corriere della Sera, Mario Sconcerti thus analyzed the comeback victory of Inter against Verona:

"IS it was an important Inter, in the second half also good, because it was not easy to play in thirty meters of field where twenty players ran together. And now he's back on top. The man of the match was Barella who found the unique feat that he now needed to win, but much credit goes to De Vrij. Ever since Brozovic became a great director he has always been branded as a man, especially by the less powerful teams. This has put Inter in difficulty in the last few days and also caused part of that "fatigue" reported in a spectacular way by Conte. With Brozovic with the opponent on him the ideas come from behind slowly, they normalize, it is up to the verticality of Barella and Vecino to arrive in the area and above all to the side put balloons in the center for Lukaku and Lautaro. Thus the task of starting again the action happens more and more often to De Vrij, freed from Brozovic's mark. The midfield opens for about forty meters. It is a somewhat elementary game but played insistently by players who are now aware that they can always receive what they invest in fatigue from the game.

LUKAKU AND LAUTARO – "They continue to impress Lautaro and Lukaku. The giant was less brilliant, but fifty percent of the ability to keep Verona down was on his shoulders and in his movements. It's a particular victory because Verona is a complex team, it manages to multiply, especially when it doesn't have to play. But he was physically overwhelmed, closed in the last meters, almost fatal to take the two goals. There has been nothing today about a tired Inter. Not of great quality, but not tired. And of great character ”.

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