Inter, Conte's phrase that infuriated Sabatini


"Palacio's foul was neglected, even though he was out of area, it would have been a punishment from sixteen meters, and I was a foul so I take it all right: the game would have ended in another way». There is everything in the analysis of Walter Sabatini, the rossoblu coach dt, who from this Bologna v Inter takes away so many things, the usual desire for a cigarette («but I quit, I don't smoke anymore"),"a great incazzatura»And the bitterness for having lost a game«that we didn't want and we didn't have to lose». Accomplice the referee, of which Sabatini appoints guilty, and as he knows how to do it he analyzes them, tells them, highlights them: «I don't want to cry – says the rossoblu director – I'm not one who cries, but I want to tell the game as it was, what it is. And telling that it was a great Inter match is not right. I am a football esthete, and if they say we made an own goal, I get mad like a hyena».

The sentence of Conte that Sabatini did not like

Hands in the pocket, Sabatini slips away into the Dall'Ara parking lot. But he is a man of reason and feeling, and when he speaks he does it in the strongest possible way: «The foul on Lautaro? Ridiculous. He was strong, but now he is also shrewd. How did you see it?». He holds his hands in his pockets and sways between anger and bitterness. And he puts together all the concepts, even the thorniest, the hottest: «Two minutes from the end there was a clear foul on Palacio, the foul I take even if there is no penalty, even if it is out of area, because the game would have ended differently. Lautaro instead holds his legs, he is a little grebe, if we want to define him in an extra-artistic way». Of With you, of which he esteems, Sabatini says: «Conte praised Bologna, a loyal adversary. I respect him, he is one of my models but he has de-legitimized our goal by talking about a goal. He has de-legitimized our goal, but ours is a meritorious goal. It cannot be liquidated as an own goal, it is a harmonious action, carried out with boldness and courage».

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