Inter, Conte thunders again: "I can't stand and rave"


The technician of theInter Antonio Conte in the press conference on the eve of the championship match against Verona he returns to send clear messages to the management. In the spotlight the outburst following the Dortmund match: “I didn't see it as an outlet, but a way with a constructive background to try to understand where we made some mistakes, without pointing out anyone and putting myself first in the situation. The media saw it as an outlet, I did it constructively. I was called here to change the engine speed of Inter over the last nine years and everything I do I do to improve situations and understand that we can and must do better, because we are Inter. "

Conte's goal is to give the turning point at the club after nine years without great victories: "I don't think I was called to Inter so as not to change anything, I am here to change something compared to the last nine years where Inter remained outside the struggles to win. Spalletti has done a great job and I am aware of it, I am aware here that it is a difficult historical moment because those who are in front of it have been for a long time and are very structured, Juventus as well as other teams. I bring expectations, I put them on myself, but I can't just keep them on myself: all of them need to change engine revs if we want to be protagonists as the president wants ”.

"Everything I do I do for the good of Inter, then if I make it difficult for someone this I am sorry, but I have been called for this. The moment you realize that we can't do what I was called for, it becomes difficult. I can't distort myself: I ask a lot of myself and my staff, because we must seek excellence. "

"Working for excellence we cannot be satisfied. I cannot be satisfied, we must push and raise the bar. Otherwise the story will always be the same over the years and it would be a shame because I don't like vivacchiare, and I want to make it understood ”.

According to the coach from Lecce, the Nerazzurri players are with him: “Absolutely yes. Market choices are always made with the club, knowing what can be done or not. The only recrimination is that when we planned the squad we did not put in place some situations that had already happened in the past ".

"For the rest I'm happy with my rose, even more so now that I've known them one by one. They are all 100% reliable guys. But on a numerical level we were superficial, and I say it in a serene way. We can accelerate the growth path, but certain steps cannot be skipped ”.

SPORTAL.IT | 08-11-2019 15:30

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