Inter, Conte pushes for Vidal but Barcelona does not give up and the midfielder remains a puzzle. Giroud for the attack. Napoli, Mertens and Callejon closer to farewell. Future of Insigne, Koulibaly and Allan to be deciphered



Italians, who goes ahead in the Champions League?

The Young Italy
Inter, Conte pushes for Vidal but Barcelona does not give up and the midfielder remains a puzzle. Giroud for the attack. Napoli, Mertens and Callejon closer to farewell. Future of Insigne, Koulibaly and Allan to be deciphered

Dortmund's defeat has definitely accelerated Inter's market strategies for January. At the moment, however, the feeling is that there will be no major investments planned for the summer. And then let's try to frame what could happen. There are two departments in which Conte asks for reinforcements: midfield and attack. This is where he wanted Vidal and Dzeko. It is clear that in the middle it is difficult to find players who could make a difference. Barcelona has no intention of selling Vidal and therefore Inter is thinking of other solutions. Matic remains an option, but there is no total conviction to do the operation. There would be De Paul, but after the renewal of the contract until 2024, 35 million euros would not suffice. Castrovilli for Fiorentina is non-transferable and also Kulusevski, owned by Atalanta but on loan at Parma, has an already very high evaluation. For all these reasons the name of the midfielder for January is still a puzzle. In attack something more begins to guess. It is true that Alexis Sanchez will return in the new year, but the idea of ​​taking another first tip is always there. The profiles examined are different. An ideal solution could be that of Giroud, which has characteristics similar to those of Dzeko. Lampard is making him play a little and in addition the French has the contract expiring in June 2020. For the Inter attack it would be a reinforcement at very contained costs. Another idea leads to Petagna, but Spal is in such a ranking that it certainly cannot afford to let one of its most important players leave. In short, in the Nerazzurri home there is excitement and perhaps during the stop, Conte, Marotta and Ausilio will make a point of the situation more in-depth. Even in Naples there are so many situations at stake. After what happened on Tuesday evening, it is likely that there will be important departures in June. Mertens and Callejon are now much more distant, but the future of Allan, Insigne and Koulibaly is all to be deciphered. Last January, the Paris Saint Germain was one step away from taking the Brazilian and at the end of the season he could again come forward. As for the captain, it will be necessary to see what will happen in these months, but at present nothing can be excluded. For Koulibaly in the summer the 150 million euro clause will be triggered, it is difficult for such a high offer to arrive. Much will also depend on how the Naples season ends. In all this, Giuntoli continues to work on the renewals of Milik, Zielinski and Maksimovic. – the transfer market updated 24 hours a day

Ibra at Milan: it's done, says Mls. Inter-Conte, all the names of Marotta. Vidal and Kulusevski on pole. Naples chaos, De Laurentiis in trouble for Sarri. Mertens and Callejon via ora, Insigne and Koulibaly in June "align =" left 08.11 – The bomb arrives from the US late in the day: Ibra has agreed with Milan. The revelation, we do not know as far as desired or simple gaffe, comes directly from Don Garber, commissioner of the Mls, the American league. In an interview the manager confessed to the displeasure of farewell …

Editorial DI: Luca Marchetti

The consequences of the Champions League, two days of fire for Napoli and Inter. Instead Juve smiles and still hopes Atalanta ... "align =" left 07.11 – The Champions League has left its mark, heavier than ever, at least not very predictable on the eve of the match.
Let's start with the most obvious one, even if with a higher degree of difficulty considering what we noticed on the field. Juventus is for the sixth consecutive time in the second round …

Editorial DI: Tancredi Palmeri

Antonio Conte show: here is the incredible outlet in Dortmund. Will it have consequences? How much is true, and how much is only reaction? Eye to the words of Lautaro, perhaps even more important. And the precedent of Mourinho ... "align =" left 06.11 – It had started slowly, almost yielding Conte. No, let's not talk about the camp, in fact it had been the opposite, it had tamed Westfalen in the First Half as rarely seen in the last ten years.
Let's talk about the post-game. Almost resigned in principle in the statements: "Too many …

Editorial DI: Fabrizio Biasin

Inter: thanks to "mom and dad" before challenging the yellow wall. Milan: there is only one way out of mediocrity and has a name. Naples and Rome: watch out for commentators. Balotelli: here's what's missing. And on the Var ... "align =" left 05.11 – Here we are. Mala tempora currunt.

1) That is, Balotelli is angry. And he is right. And everyone says "he is right" but then there are those who add "yes, he is right though …". But what? The fact is that it would be nice if for once the ball was not taken by the players …

Editorial BY: Michele Crighiello

Sarri is right: so the Var got tired. Verratti for 17 million, a Raiola company. Ancelotti, -6 .... Sartori the greatest soccer expert in Italy! Empoli and Samp, more respect for the young "align =" left 04.11 – Holy words, those of last Friday by Maurizio Sarri. I will summarize the previous installments: the Var is used a lot and badly, in the rest of Europe they are faster and not so invasive. He was born to avoid macroscopic errors. How to blame the Juventus coach …

Editorial BY: Andrea Losapio

What two Var: is it not time to lower the tone? Juventus and Inter could dig the groove, but Rome and Atalanta are solid (at least so far). "Milan is the litmus test, but are the players always the problem?" Align = "left 03.11 – It has been a week that has put a strain on everyone, fans, footballers, managers and even journalists. Because when there are doubtful episodes, which can lend themselves to a double interpretation, in the end our football makes the expense. Fans who no longer want to do …

Editorial BY: Niccolò Ceccarini

Pioli first smile, but the real moment will be the cycle with Lazio, Juventus and Napoli. Distant parts for the renewal of Donnarumma. De Ligt should be waited for, for Mandzukic also the hypothesis Borussia Dortmund "align =" left 02.11 – On the third attempt Pioli's first victory as a Rossoneri coach has also arrived. Suffered but fundamental above all for morale. Once again it was not a convincing Milan but only the result. But now begins a very difficult cycle against Lazio, Juventus …

Editorial BY: Enzo Bucchioni

Referees, that's why they don't go to the Var. It is not true that the protocol invites us to use the footage only for "clear and obvious error". Naples, it was rigor. Giacomelli, double error "align =" left 01.11 – Honestly I was hoping not to have to see more episodes like those of the other night in Naples or Udine, but also last Sunday in Florence and (unfortunately) on several other fields in this tormented start to the season.

In my naivety I thought that after solving the problem of …

Editorial DI: Luca Marchetti

Juve takes over the head again, at the last. The queue in Naples finds so much anger. In Rome, a day of pride ... And the crisis opens in Udine and Turin "align =" left 31.10 – Juventus recovers its lead on the woolen wire. He does it in a more difficult game than expected, harder than expected. When everything seemed to be going uphill, including the goal annulled by Cristiano Ronaldo for offside, the CR7 leg came once again.

Editorial DI: Tancredi Palmeri

Conte attacks: gasoline is running out, but accuses the Lega Calcio. Christian luxury guest at the Juventus hotel. Napoli-Atalanta can be risky for Ancelotti, incredible but ... Milan: the usual mistakes of all "align =" left 30.10 – Inter has crushed the Brescia coming to the ninetieth with the eyes out of their sockets and the breath of those who can't remember a quiet game since the Berlin Wall was still there, Antonio Conte already had all his hair, and his Carletto Mazzone was the coach who …

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