Inter, Conte on Lazaro: "I spent 20 million. We will have to give him the chance"



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Inter, Conte on Lazaro: "I spent 20 million. We will have to give him the chance"

Antonio Conte spoke at a press conference of Valentino Lazaro. At the press conference held on the eve of the match against Bologna, the coach of theInter he expressed himself on the former Hertha Berlin, a player used with the dropper at the start of the season: "With him we will have to be patient, he is working and then we will have to give him the chance from the beginning. Other speeches have never been touched. "We took the right investment because we are an Austrian national. We spent 20 million euros and we believe in it, it can be a good investment and it can grow. We will have to give it a chance and see what kind of response it gives. Even Sensi we have it taken from the Sassuolo, where he played and didn't play, but gave faster answers. Like Barella. From Lazaro we are waiting for the answers, we hope they arrive as soon as possible ".

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