Inter broke the wall of Verona, Dortmund was a stimulus


A great victory, a team that never gives up. The Inter comeback the second consecutive game in Serie A, four days after the depressing defeat against Borussia Dortmund. They think about it Vecino is Stretcher, two midfielders, to put the team back on track With you: a lot of suffering, a wall in front of him that didn't want to know to collapse. But in the end Inter he remounted it, with character and with a simple, intuitive way of playing, capable of being the best weapon of players who are sometimes tired and not at their best: With you he is shaping his work, with some empty passages, even painful ones, but the road is drawn.

DIFFICULTY' – Without Stefano Sensi, without many owners. With you he chooses continuity and gives space to Lazaro on the right, but the first half of his is hasty, imprecise, almost painful: the Verona claims space, builds from below and finds the episode to unlock the race. From there on, the team of Juric it closes like a hedgehog and suffers Inter who is not able immediately to resume the reins of the race, until the situation does not defend a Nerazzurri assault and an entrenched 9-1 of the guests that resists because Brozovic is marked everywhere on man and De Vrij fails to accelerate the maneuver. Lukaku is Lautaro the battle continues in front and churn out two very important performances, with all the opponents: Big Rom he plays the charge often asking for the ball between the lines, even back to the door. It is uncontainable when it turns around while the Bull he races without interruption among his adversaries: he disturbs, presses, reconquers. But the game doesn't unlock.

ALTERNATIVES – The goal of the one equal is emblematic of the moment of this Inter: possession of Sticks, opening for Lazaro who crosses in the middle where Vecino inzucca. Three names of "reserve" for With you that in the most difficult moment they are found where they must be: With you it is also this, despite all the speeches that have occurred in the last week. Sticks he understood that he had an important possibility, because the Verona he concentrated on Škriniar is de Vrij: took courage and took all the possible field, coming to give a perfect cut ball. Lazaro he understood that after a first timid time there was a need for him, to take space: he started to point the man, putting sharp balloons in the area. In the end he paid, also because Vecino showed why mythology was born on Garra Charrua. Because Inter is aiming high, as high as possible: to be content does not exist, and if there is a need to shake souls it is not a problem. Words, words and more words: then there are the facts, Inter came out stronger from the defeat of Dortmund despite the bad weather of the route.

WARRIORS "The midfield resolved the race," he said to himself. And if Vecino he played too much, after the blow to the head that should have sanctioned his exit from the field, Stretcher It is precisely in those moments of the race that finds strength where others give up: Niccolò has managed to combine the usual perpetual motion in the 90 'with a pearl of rare beauty, which once again establishes its entry into the football of the Grandi. The most beautiful goal of Barella's career is worth some wonderful statistics: 10 victories out of 12 matches, 31 points caught out of the 36 available. In essence, the difference between Inter and Juventus in the standings is represented by the goal of Higuain at San Siro, on the end of a complicated game. Obviously this is not the case, because the gap between Milan and Turin is much broader, due to its history and structure: nevertheless Inter is there, clinging to this story with all possible force, with the desperation necessary to grab another suffered result , courageous. Inter is, the Juventus It can wait.


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