Inter, a great ex gives reason to Conte after the outburst


If the intention was to divert attention from Dortmund's scorching defeat, which can cost a lot in terms of qualifying for the Champions League knockout rounds, Antonio Conte seems to have succeeded in his intent by shifting the attention to the theme of the summer transfer market, which according to the Salento coach was insufficient if the goal of theInter was and is competing on two fronts, championship and Europe.

The front of the Inter fans is split, between those who agree with Conte and those who tease him thinking also of the Juventus past in which the coach encountered the same problems in terms of relations with the management.

However, the party of the acquirers seems to be greater, to which a former illustrious member like Sandro Mazzola.
Interviewed by Tmv, the former nerazzurri captain, fresh from birthday number 77, said his own about Conte's outburst, putting himself in the shoes of the Inter's footballers: "In the beginning his words bothered me a little, then I thought about it again and I said: "What should you say or do? The players have heard it, now they are all there thinking they have to show him that it is not. "I think he did it to stimulate them. At first as a football player I would have taken it, but then I would have said ‘Now I'll show it to him’. To make him understand he was wrong. "

Words very different from those that Mazzola himself had pronounced at 'Un giorno da pecora' on Radio Uno: "We did well to remove him from Juventus but he does not convince me – he said – When he speaks to me, he still seems to talk to Juventus instead of those of Inter. I still think Juventus. He would like to speak as a Juventus player, then he realizes that he is at Inter and speaks from Inter ”.

Mazzola, however, criticizes Conte for managing the match in Dortmund: "After the break the team returned without encouragement, while the others had the desire to hurt and they succeeded. What would I have said Herrera during the match? He would have closed the locker room and then said he would have to win and kill them. He would have entered his head. "

Then there are also tips for the market: “I like it that way, it's tough but it would need a little more from a technical and tactical point of view. The changes then are a problem. On the market I would look at midfield, you need a quality player who knows how to defend and one who can also play forward and sort the ball ”.

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