Insulted Mattarella, 68 year old cries in front of the public prosecutor: "I don't want to go to prison"


"Your brother was fucking killed … not enough for you? ". It is the post that the lady Eleonora Elvira Zanrosso, in the agitated days of the formation of the yellow-green government, had written on social media to criticize the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, after the Head of State, in the last days of May 2018, had rejected the nomination of Paolo Savona as Minister of the Economy. A message that to the 68 year old Zanrosso, resident in Bologna, could cost up to 15 years of imprisonment The woman, in fact, is among the 9 people who could go to trial for various crimes: not only offense to the honor and prestige of the President of the Republic, but also an attack on freedom and instigation to commit crimes. If she were found guilty of all these crimes (and was sentenced to the maximum penalty provided for by the Criminal Code) the prison doors could be opened.

Realizing the situation, the woman decided to speak with the prosecutors of Palermo, who had opened a file on the dozens of serious insults that appeared online at the end of May last year. Of the 39 people – between 30 and 74 years – registered in the register of suspects, 30 are still under investigation, while 9 are shortly to be charged.

Among them just Mrs. Zanrosso, the only one, for the moment – he writes Republic – who had the "courage" to put his face, ask sorry and confess everything. In a sea of ​​tears. "I beg you – said Gery Ferrara to the prosecutor – to help me apologize to President Mattarella. Tell me how I do it, I'll jump in knee. Why did I do it? It was a very hot period – he continued – in which the minds were overheated by some parliamentarians of the Five Stars with whom I was sympathetic. I left myself foolishly infected by these facts. I – he added disconsolately – that I am a mother, grandmother, lover of painting and animals".

The elderly hater has sincerely repented of what was written to Mattarella: "Not I sleep plus the night since I realized what I did. I didn't have to insult the Head of State on Facebook that way", added Mrs. Zanrosso. Which, subsequently, justified the heavy offense to Mattarella with the fact of having"almost 70 years"and to be part"of that generation that is certainly not composed of keyboard genes. I have eighth grade, I'm instinctive"Therefore, it would have been the instinct to make her type in the comment disputed by the Palermo prosecutors, in which she called in question Piersanti Mattarella, president of Sicily killed by the mafia on 6 January 1980. "I want to go to the President, I want to apologize", the final appeal of the suspect to the pm.

What does the art. 278 of the Penal Code

Among the three crimes alleged against the lady, the offense against the honor or prestige of the President of the Republic stands out. Article. 278 C.p. reads: "Whoever offends the honor or the prestige of the President of the Republic is punished with imprisonment from one to five years".

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