Insigne without a captain's armband? We'll see him tonight! There is an entry from Castel Volturno


Can Lorenzo Insigne lose the captain's armband? We will see him tonight on the occasion of Napoli-Genoa.

Lorenzo Insigne, as told by the major national newspapers, it would have been one of the leaders of the mutiny of the Italian soccer players towards the society with the consequent decision to desert the Castel Volturno retreat. The Gazzetta dello Sport in recent days had hypothesized a possible degradation of the player who would thus have lost the captain's armband. We'll see what happens tonight on the occasion of Napoli-Genoa at San Paolo.

Meanwhile, from Castel Volturno comes a voice, Carlo Ancelotti, he would not intend to remove the captain's armband to Insigne, because such a gesture would put the player in great difficulty in front of all the fans and it would be like discharging all the responsibility only on one person. A danger not to be run given the already turbulent situation. Ancelotti expects from Insigne a test of great maturity both on and off the field, this evening the spotlight will be on Frattamaggiore's talent.

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