Insigne-Ancelotti, broken reports: this is why. Market, three big at high risk sale


Napoli fans challenged the players during the training session this afternoon at the San Paolo stadium.

Naples is experiencing the worst period in recent years. The Neapolitans fell to seventh place in the standings, very far from the summit occupied by Maurizio Sarri's Juventus. Furthermore, relations between the team and De Laurentiis are at historic lows. The players have decided not to respect the order imposed by Aurelio De Laurentiis to send everyone into retreat and, in all probability, will be punished with a heavy fine. The relationships between Ancelotti is Insigne they are not the best.

It is no mystery that Insigne would prefer to play in a 4-3-3 from external point, as he did with Sarri and, before that, with Zeman at the Pescara. Carlo Ancelotti uses it instead in midfield and in that position the "Magnifico" does much more effort. Insigne could be sacrificed at the end of the season. Allan, instead, it is not making it as it used to. He too, at the end of the current football year, could leave Campania. Similar speech for Koulibaly. De Laurentiis, moreover, was clear: "Sooner or later I'll have to sell it". That moment may not be so far away …

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