INFINITE MIDDLE, Rain and Snow still for many days. We tell you when the stability will return "


Weather: INFINITE WEATHER, Rainfall and Snowfall for so many days. We tell you when the stability will return

Infinite weather. When is a little stability?Infinite weather. When is a little stability?It is appropriate to state that theAutumn has finally exploded over Italy. After numerous hesitations especially on the climate front, for some days the continuous alternation of disruptions has paved the way for a context definitely in keeping with the calendar. A kind of INFINITE WEIGHT is hanging over our country, now forced to deal with so much rain, storms and heavy snowfalls on the alpine reliefs.

The last elaborations, moreover, tend towards a still very disturbed meteorological picture which could still last for so many days. But when we come back to have a little atmospheric stability? We try to give an answer to this obvious and inevitable question.

Let's start immediately with the assumption that the month of November it has always been considered the rainiest of the year. If we then add the fact that the previous months, like September and most of October, they have been very stingy in terms of rainfall, the game is done. Like in a kind of compensation, so the current month offers us scenarios often gray and rainy and far from the atmospheric stability.

The high pressures at the moment remain parked at more western latitudes compared to our country and perturbations and Atlantic depressions they do not find particular obstacles in their long journey to Italy.

This kind of configuration will be with us again several days compromising the weather of weekend and, unless unlikely surprises, even the whole course of next week. In short, there is nothing left but to wait patiently and see if at least during the course of second half of the month there will be change about.

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