Industry, Istat: "In September turnover increased by 0.2% and orders by + 1% in August. Bad the car, but foreign orders on the rise"


After the declines in recent months, in September revenue is orders industry have registered two increases: respectively +0.2 is + 1% on a monthly basis. Istat states that for turnover, it is the first positive sign after three dips in a row in economic terms. However, in the annual comparison there is still a decline: -1.6%. It is about fourth consecutive decrease. Orders had also increased in August, but had fallen sharply in July (-2.9%). Separate speech for themotor vehicle industry which marks a 5.9% drop on an annual basis and sees orders also fall, with a decrease of 4.6%, which however hides “a positive figure on the foreign component", Where, explains the Institute of Statistics, the orders they recorded the highest rise since July 2018.

For Istat, despite the "slight increase" in September, confirms "a situation of." weakness". The cyclical dynamics of turnover is the synthesis of one modest growth in the domestic market (+ 0.4%) and one slight decrease of the foreign one (-0.3%). Analyzing the main industrial groupings, sales show cyclical increases of 1.2% for i consumer goods and 0.7% for assets intermediate. Marked reduction for capital goods. In detail in the manufacturing sectors, in September on an annual basis pharmaceutical shows the strongest growth (+ 8.2%), while i means of transport show the biggest drop (-6.1%). Turnover of coke and refined petroleum products (-5.3), chemicals (-4.5%), machinery (-4.4%) and metallurgy (-3.0%) were also down.

Industrial orders in September grew by 1% on a monthly basis and by 0.3% in the annual comparison. In the average of the third quarter, in terms of the economy, the orders move back by 1.7%. In terms of trends, the order index increased by 0.3%, with "mirror" trends for the two markets: + 2.3% for domestic markets and -2.3% for foreign markets. Turning to the various industrial sectors, the electrical and non-electrical equipment sector showed the strongest growth in September (+ 21.4% on an annual basis), while the worst result is found in the transport industry (-20%). A collapse, the latter, on which the "non-automotive" data weighs, from ships to planes. The comparison with a month that had been particularly positive in 2018 has affected.


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