Index Research survey, Ilva effect: the Giallorossi government at the peak, enjoy Lega and Salvini


THE surveys of Index research for A clean sweep show a fairly clear electoral landscape: the Alloy acquires consent, the 5-star movement loses it, weakened by the management of the case Ilva. In fact, according to the interviewed champion, the Lega would stand at 33.7% (+ 0.2% compared to last week), while the main party in Parliament, the 5-star Movement, would fall (17.4%, -0.4% in a week) . The other shareholders of the government are stable: Pd at 19.3% (+ 0.1%) e Italy Viva at 5%. The center-right parties are equally stable (Brothers of Italy at 8.6%, Forza Italia at 6.4%). While the smaller parties (Piu Europa, Verdi and others on the left) could count on 2% of the votes each.

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The projection on the two main coalitions is also interesting: that of center ahead of the galaxy that supports the Government Count (respectively 48.7% and 43.9%). In the purse of the leader there is Matteo Salvini with 40% appreciation among the interviewed sample; black jersey in approval ratings for Matteo Renzi (14%). Finally, the opinion of the interviewees on the hottest issues that dominate current affairs: maneuver is Ilva. 55.6% think with this maneuver "nothing will change"; while 56.3% consider the closure of Ilva plants to be good.

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