increases the retirement age? Here is the Government's decision


The staff of the Armed forces and of Police look interested in the latest developments regarding a possible increase in retirement age in 2021.

We remember, in fact, that despite the staff in uniform was not included in the Fornero Law, their retirement requirements are also adjusted – every two years – to the life expectancy recorded by ISTAT.

Since the introduction of the mechanism of adjustment with life expectancy has resulted in a one year increase for theretirement age of the Armed Forces and Police. The last update of the requirements was in 2019, when access to the pension for the personnel employed in the Defense and Security sectors (as for the majority of pensioners) was delayed for another 5 months.

To be clear, while initially the ordinal age for the agents of the State Police was equal to 60 years, due to the various adjustments with the life expectancy that occurred in recent years today is of 61 years.

Well, while for 2020 there is the certainty that the requirements for access to the pension of Armed Forces and Police (as well as for the Fire Brigade) will remain unchanged, there were more doubts for 2021 when they could be again adequate for a possible increase in life expectancy. Because if it is true that we live more and more, it is equally true that for the current rules it is right that we spend more time working.

To decide if from 1 January 2021 the retirement age should increase further is the Ministry of Labour, who just in these hours has published a ministerial decree with which he has officialized his decision.

Pension always later for the Armed Forces?

According to rumors circulated in recent weeks, there was a real risk that the retirement age would still increase. This is because ISTAT has detected a new increase in life expectancy: compared to 2017, when life expectancy was 82.7 years, in 2018 this figure rose by a further three months to reach a share 83 years.

An increase of three months that could have led to a pension one month increase for retirement age; however, for the satisfaction of those who are about to retire, it will not be so since the Ministry of Labor has formalized that for 2021 there will be no elevation of the pension requirements.

The personal data limit has been confirmed, given that the change established in the final balance by ISTAT for the entire 2017-2018 two-year period (compared to the 2016 value) was found to be less than a month.

In fact, it is not the life expectancy indicated above that is taken into consideration for a possible update of the pension requirements, but rather that of 65 years; Istat has found that this – averaging between men and women – is equal to 20.9 years, finding a change, compared to the comparison period, insufficient to justify a new increase in the retirement age.

Armed Forces and Police Pension: the requirements

Therefore, until 31 December 2022, the requirements for access to the pension of Armed Forces and Police will be the following:

  • old-age pension: legal limit (from 61 to 66 years depending on qualification) plus 20 years of contributions;
  • early pension (option one): 41 years of contributions, regardless of age;
  • early pension (option two): 58 years of age and 35 years of contributions;
  • early pension (option three): 54 years of age if the maximum contribution seniority (80% rate) has been reached by 31 December 2011.

It should also be remembered that for those who, upon reaching the legal age (net of adjustments made in recent years) have matured 35 years of contributions, the update with life expectancy does not apply. You can therefore retire at the age of 60 years (can be increased up to 65 years depending on the role and grade).

We conclude with what it's not good news: it seems that in the two-year period 2023-2024 the retirement age will instead increase. According to the forecasts of State General Accounting Office, contained in the last one Report on pension expenditure (published in September 2019), on 1 January 2023 a new will be released three-month increase for retirement requirements.

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