In Sweden the wrecks of two ships have been identified that were perhaps built together with the Vasa, the most famous ship of the Swedish navy


In Sweden the wreckage of two warships of the seventeenth century were found: it is thought that at least one of them could be a "sister" ship of the Vasa, a famous Swedish navy ship that sank in a few minutes shortly after its launch official and which remained sunk in the port of Stockholm for three centuries, until 1961. The two warships were discovered at the bottom of the sea, not far from the city of Vaxholm.

It is known for sure that three other ships – called Applet, Kronan and Scepter – were made in the same yard of the Vasa, and that all three took part in different battles of the Swedish navy (unlike the Vasa, which sank after just over a kilometer route to the sea). It is therefore thought that at least one of the two ships could have been made together with the Vasa, but further confirmation and testing will be required to confirm. At the moment there are no plans to recover the two ships from the bottom of the sea.

Fifty years of dry Vasa

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