In Spain the Socialists have won, approximately


In Spain, Sunday's elections were won by the Socialist Party (PSOE), the country's main left-wing party, which, with over 90 percent of the votes cast, achieved 28.4 percent, or 121 seats. Behind them came the Popular Party (PP), the main right-wing party, which obtained 21 percent of the votes (86 seats); and Vox, a radical right party, which obtained 15 percent of the votes (53 seats). The result of Vox, despite having been forecasted by the polls, is the most significant of Sunday's elections, especially for a country like Spain which in recent years had not expressed any relevant political force of the extreme right.

Despite the victory of the PSOE, it will not be easy for Pedro Sanchez, party leader and outgoing prime minister, to find a majority to form a new government, above all because the left bloc – which also includes the Unidas Podemos coalition – has failed to obtain the majority of seats.

Not even the blockade of the right – PP, Ciudadanos (a disappointing 6.80 percent of the votes) and Vox – managed to get the majority, complicating even more the Spanish political situation, blocked for months. Those on Sunday were indeed early elections, called after the failure of the talks between PSOE and Unidas Podemos that started after the last elections, held last April, which had not expressed any clear majority.

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