In Georgia there were clashes between the police and protesters demanding the reform of the electoral law


Today in front of the Georgian parliament building in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, there were clashes between protesters and the police, who used water cannons and tear gas. The protesters were trying to prevent politicians from entering parliament, where a session was scheduled, and demanded electoral reform, government resignation and new elections. Police arrested some of them and a politician, said opposition leader Giorgi Vashadze.

The clashes arrived after yesterday, Monday, thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the decision of Georgian Dream, the ruling party, not to change the electoral law as promised: by 2020 it would have to go from a complicated half-proportional and half-majority double-shift system, with a fully proportional one without a threshold. According to the opposition the current law would favor Georgian Dream, in power since 2012.

Protests to demand a new electoral law had begun in June, then resumed in November after the parliament rejected the Georgian Dream bill that would have allowed for a proportional vote in 2020. Last Monday the police had used the water cannons to prevent protesters from entering parliament and arrested 37 people.

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