In advance the new SKODA SCALA 1.0 G-TEC: features and prices


A few months from the start of marketing, the new-generation SKODA SCALA sedan is now available in the efficient 1.0 G-TEC monovalent CNG engine.
Thanks to the 13.8 kg capacity of the three cylinders mounted under the floor, SCALA G-TEC offers a range of up to 410 * km of natural gas, plus the nine liters of petrol in the secondary tank. Available in Ambition and Sport versions, it offers Level 2 assisted driving technologies as well as complete smartphone connectivity. The first deliveries are scheduled starting from February 2020.

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SKODA SCALA 1.0 G-TEC is powered by a 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbocharged three-cylinder engine, with a power output of 90 hp (66 kW) that meets the Euro 6d-TEMP standard. The maximum torque of 160 Nm is transmitted to the front wheels via a 6-speed manual gearbox. SCALA 1.0 G-TEC has been specifically designed for natural gas operation, a solution that offers numerous advantages both in terms of environmental sustainability and in terms of operating costs. In fact, compared to a similar petrol-powered engine, the CO2 emissions of the 3-cylinder G-TEC are reduced by 20%, with a significantly lower emission of nitrogen monoxide and total absence of particulate matter. Furthermore, considering the average cost of methane, which fluctuates around 1 euro per kilogram, the model can cover up to 410 * kilometers with natural gas at a cost of around 14 euros. Added to this are the advantages deriving from the monovalent supply, which involves the reduction of 75%, or in some regions the total exemption, of the possession tax.

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SCALA G-TEC is equipped with three steel tanks containing 13.8 kilograms of natural gas. In the event that the gas ends, SCALA automatically uses the 9-liter petrol tank which allows it to travel up to 220 * kilometers. The combination of the two power supplies allows SCALA G-TEC to have a range of around 630 * kilometers. Despite the presence of gas tanks, SCALA 1.0 G-TEC offers a luggage compartment capacity ranging from 339 liters to 1,282 liters, a reference value in the segment, for gas models.
SCALA 1.0 G-TEC is offered in Ambition and Sport versions and maintains the complete active safety equipment proposed for petrol and diesel engines. Level 2 assisted driving technologies are therefore standard, including ACC systems for maintaining the safety distance up to 210 km / h, Lane Assistant for active lane maintenance, Front Assistant with City Emergency Brake and pedestrian recognition and optical groups in LED technology.

The list of SCALA 1.0 G-TEC starts from 22.280 euros but in the launch phase, thanks to the contribution of the participating Dealers, the Ambition version is proposed at 17.800 euros. The first deliveries are scheduled starting from February 2020.

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