"In a world that doesn't want us anymore". S-concert the wonderful homeless band – Comozero


The progression to 12 measures of "Sweet Home Chicago" resounds in the small room of the Day Center of Via Giovio.

What is usually a meeting and socialization point for homeless Italians and foreigners, today, like every Tuesday for almost a year, is a rehearsal room that vibrates with blues.

"Come on, oh baby don't you wanna go" attacks Angelo, 56, in Como from 10, who moves in front of the singers Taiba and Anum, from Paklstan: a hybrid between Mick Jagger and Adriano Celentano.

Enrico, 63, embraces his own acoustic guitar and throws himself into a small solo. Bruno, in Como for two months, keeps the bass down on a lime yellow instrument without a shoulder strap. Yakuba, from Gambia, accompanies everything to the jambe.

They are some members of the S-concert Band, a complex composed mainly of homeless people, arriving in Como from remote places or from very close places, along the paths set before them by fate, often adverse.

"The project was born in 2018 – explains Marta Stoppa, operator of" S-social involvements ", an initiative promoted by Vicini di Strada, the network of institutions and services in Como due to serious marginalization – from January we find ourselves trying every week. Here the art helps to take a breath. It allows participants to feel better at least for a couple of hours a week, to feel and be capable and competent ”.

The composition of the S-concert Band, which last Friday performed at the Spazio Gloria, reflects the existence of those who have no home, explains Marta: "In the months we have seen people passing by joining us and then moving elsewhere. Others are permanent members of the band. It is a group that changes but maintains its strong identity ".

As we talk with Marta, the complex launched into its own version of "Il mio canto libero" by Lucio Battisti. "In a world that does not take anymore" the choir sings. Behind musicians and singers behind are worlds, countries and cities suddenly abandoned; places that, in fact, "don't want them anymore" quoting Battisti freely.

Enrico, 63, left Turin after losing his job in 2007. "I came to Como to look for work in Switzerland but I found nothing – the man explains – now I'm in the dormitory Ozanam (the Little House Federico Ozanam, non-profit organization that helps the homeless people of Como Editor's note) ".

Guitarist and passionate violinist who often performs in the historic center, Enrico tells of having discovered his love for art thanks to his father, a theater enthusiast. For man, music and "beautiful things make you forget everything that's bad out there".

Bruno, the band's bass player, worked a life in Switzerland, only to find himself unemployed and with a non-renewable work permit.

"I arrived in Como a couple of months ago and slept at the Comboni Fathers in Rebbio – explains the man, 51, who as a boy had a musical group with the other 5 brothers – music and theater give meaning to our time and they are good for the head, especially if you have nothing to do all day ”.

At about half past six, the band finished rehearsing. Acoustic, Turkish, bass and jambe guitars return to the cases. On Friday 18 October, the S-concert performed with Succomarcio and Vino Raro, in a charity event on the occasion of "The night of the homeless".

During our visit, an excited buzz with the thought turned to the show filled the pauses between blues and Baptists. For some, the most experienced, it was yet another proof. For others, the new ones were the baptism of fire. "For everyone it is a chance to debunk the stereotypes that the homeless want, without passions, interests or abilities" says Marta, greeting us.

The article you just read was published in ComoZero weekly, distributed every Friday and Saturday throughout the city: here the totem map.

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