Impeachment, via live TV auditions. Taylor: "Trump obsessed with investigation of Biden"


WASHINGTON – The public phase of the investigation that could lead to impeachment of Donald Trump it's live, the United States is glued to TV screens. the president is accused of abuse of power for pressuring Ukraine to investigate his political rivals.The first two witnesses to be heard, in front of a real jungle of cameras, are William Taylor, US ambassador to Kiev, e George Kent, Undersecretary of the State Department with responsibility for Europe.



Discouraged by the polls and so on impeachment. The darkest day has arrived for Trump

Both behind closed doors told how Trump tried to condition military aid to Kiev and the visit of the new president Volodimir Zelenskij to the White House at the start by the Ukrainian authorities of investigations against the Biden and the Democrats.The deputy who oversees the inquiry, Adam Schiff stressed that "important pieces of the investigation are still missing because the president prevents some witnesses from appearing". In any case, he added, "the Democrats want the investigations to be conducted without rancor and without delay" but the informant's identity will not be made public. "I do not know the identity of the whistleblower and I am determined to ensure that the identity is protected," said Schiff.

Impeachment, via live TV auditions. Taylor:

In giving the go-ahead to the public hearings, the deputy dem Adam Schiff, president of the intelligence commission of the Chamber, stressed that Trump has ordered the State Department and other agencies to ignore the summonses for the delivery of documents, instructed the witnesses why they did not appear, and suggested treating "as spies and traitors ", the others. "These actions will force Congress to consider whether Trump's obstruction is no further reason for impeachment"

In a full classroom, with only standing places available, some signs also stand out among the public. One says: "93 days since Adam Schiff", the Democratic president of the House intelligence commission, "knows the identity of the whisteblower" of the phone call between Trump and the leader of Ukraine. Another reports the words of the deputy Al Green of Texas: "I am worried that if we do not put him in a state of accusation he could be re-elected".



Impeachment, let's start: Trump on the grill

Trump awaits the visit of the president of the White House Turkey Recep Tayyip. On Twitter it is more silent than the daily average, it retwits video, comments: "Tutti bufale". The president will be engaged with Erdogan at least until 9.45 pm Italian time, probably even longer as Trump and the Turkish president will hold a joint press conference starting from 9.10 pm, during which it is possible that the president will comment on the auditions of Taylor and Kent.

Kent: "Alarmed by Giuliani's behavior"

The deputy assistant of state secretary George Kent was the first to testify: he was "alarmed" by the efforts of Rudy Giuliani, the president's personal lawyer, of "concocting politically motivated investigations" against the Biden, which he believed led to the dismissal of the US ambassador in Kiev Marie Yovanovitch. Giuliani's campaign was based on "false information" of "corrupt former prosecutors" who were only trying to "take revenge on those who had revealed their misdeeds, including American diplomats".

Taylor: with Kiev "irregular diplomatic channel"

The White House had set up an "irregular" diplomatic channel with Ukraine, said the US ambassador to Kiev, William Taylor. The ambassador revealed that recently one of his collaborators told him that he had heard a phone call between Trump and the US ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland in which the president asked for "investigations" and the diplomat told him that Kiev was ready to go on. Sondland would have said that Trump's Biden investigation was more interesting than anything else in relations between the US and Ukraine.

"Aid for Ukraine blocked"

Taylor has confirmed that the American president has blocked aid to Ukraine to put pressure in favor of an investigation in Kiev against Biden's son. During a conference call on 18 July – shortly before the famous phone call between Trump and Zelensky on 25 July – an official of the Office of Management and Budget (Obm) informed him that aid to Ukraine had been frozen. "I can't say why," the OBM official added, advising the president on the budget. Taylor said he was "stunned" by the announcement. "In one instant I realized that one of our pillars of our strong support for Ukraine was threatened," he commented. The stop to aid was subsequently confirmed to Taylor on 22 August by Tim Morrison, head of Russia and Europe at the National Security Council. "The president – Morrison told Taylor – does not want to provide any assistance to Ukraine".

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