Immobile: "Juve called me and I cried. I'll tell you a background with Del Piero '


Ciro Building, exclusively at Corriere dello Sport, talks about Juve and the Super Cup that is coming. "It is strange for us to play in Riyadh, it will be the first time. It will be a good experience, we can't wait. Winning another trophy, meeting Juve, it would not be bad. Ronaldo? Since he arrived there has been a stimulus more, winning the top scorer list with him on the list would be even more beautiful. This year he is scoring less, but his 700 goals made them. He will do some hat-trick and rise in position. Del Piero? Once my father accompanied me from him. The joy was almost his, he was Juventus: he felt bad and I remember that when Juve called me for the audition I was at the seaside in Torre Annunziata. He came to tell me that we had to go to Turin, I was crazy and I got "I cried. My parents took the plane for the first time, they did it just for me. Memories? Del Piero and Buffon with particular affection, were older brothers. Also Fabio Grosso."

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