Ilva, the Milan prosecutor intervenes and the commissioners make an urgent appeal



Even the Milan prosecutor intervenes in the Ilva case: the prosecutor Francesco Greco has made it known that he has opened a "model 45" file (without suspects and without the possibility of a crime) "to verify the possible existence of a crime". Therefore, the Guardia di Finanza's financial police unit was given a proxy for preliminary checks. And a few days later than expected, the lawyers of the former Ilva commissioners filed the precautionary and urgent appeal, pursuant to article 700 of the civil procedure code, against the lawsuit brought by Arcelor Mittal for the termination of the contract. rent of the Tarantino plant with the aim of forcing the multinational to meet its commitments.

Furthermore, the Public Prosecutor "recognizing a prominent public interest in the defense of employment levels, the economic-productive needs of the country, the obligations of the environmental recovery process, has decided to exercise the right / duty to intervene in the cause of termination of the contract of company lease promoted by ArcelorMittal Italia against the Ilva Extraordinary Administration ".

The news was released a few hours before the meeting at the Mise between the company and the unions to discuss the withdrawal of the ArceloMittal group and the consequent return of the plants to the commissioner management. A farewell that risks leaving over 10 thousand employees at home. At the table there will be the managing director of ArcelorMittal Italy, Lucia Morselli, and the union leaders of Fim, Fiom and Uilm.

The meeting was preceded by the accusations launched by the Minister Stefano Patuanelli against the multination. "Today the company has banned inspectors from inspecting, I think it is a very serious fact that it must have an adequate response," explained Patuanelli.

Meanwhile, ArcelorMittal Italy and ArcelorMittal Energy have communicated to the Government and the prefecture of Taranto the "suspension" plan for the operation of the Taranto plant and of the power plants. The suspension will be made "with the methods necessary to preserve the integrity of the systems". According to the time schedule announced by Morselli at the Taranto Rsu, the blast furnace 2 will stop by December 13, when the deadline for the interventions requested by the Taranto court after the death of a worker in 2015 will expire; on December 30 it will be the turn of the Afo 4, built with the doubling of the steel plant in the 70s; finally the Afo1, the oldest, will stop on January 15th. The ribbon train 2 will be closed between 26 and 28 November. When the blast furnaces go out, the agglomeration, coking plant and thermo-electric power station will also stop. However, in order for the plan to go through, it will also serve the OK of the Ministry of the Environment, which will have 60 days to express itself. (All rights reserved)

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