Ilva of Taranto: ArcelorMittal retires. Trade union alarm: 'A social bomb' – Economy


The Anglo-Indian group ArcelorMittal has notified the extraordinary commissioners of the company la willingness to terminate the rental agreement with acquisition of Ilva Spa assets and some subsidiaries, acquired under the agreement closed on October 31st

"According to the contents of the agreement" of October 31, 2018 ArcelorMittal "asked the extraordinary commissioners to take responsibility for Ilva's activities and the employees within 30 days of receiving the communication"

In addition to the failed legal shield and the provisions of the Taranto court, ArcelorMittal argues, "other serious events, independent of the will of ArcelorMittal, have contributed to causing a situation of legal and operational uncertainty that has further and significantly compromised the ability to perform necessary interventions at Ilva and managing the Taranto plant ". "All the described circumstances also give the Company the right to terminate the Contract based on the applicable articles and principles of the Italian civil code".

Expected a summit at Palazzo Chigi with the ministers concerned, which is also attended by the premier, Giuseppe Conte, according to what ANSA learns from ministerial sources. The ministers are Patuanelli, Provenzano, Speranza, Costa, Catalfo and the economy minister Roberto Gualtieri is also expected.

The unions are alarmed. "We learn the news of the will of ArcelorMittal to communicate to the commissioners the will to withdraw the contract. It means that starting today the 25 days for which former Ilva workers and plants will return to the Extraordinary Administration. Among the main reasons, the save-the mess companies on the criminal shield. A masterpiece of incompetence and political fear: do not defuse the environmental bomb and join the social bomb ", says the national secretary of Fim Cisl Marco Bentivogli.

ArcelorMittal's decision is "unacceptable. The meeting with the government, which we have been asking for weeks, now becomes very urgent ", states the general secretary of Fiom-Cgil, Francesca Re David, in a note. "A decision that takes on a serious nature due to the industrial, occupational and environmental consequences. We have been highlighting strong concerns regarding the implementation of the agreement for a long time. The government's behavior is contradictory and unacceptable: with the Conte 1 it introduced criminal protection parallel to the investments and with the Count 2 has canceled the same rule giving the company the excuse to reach this decision ", says King David. For his part "the company must clarify its intentions with respect to the agreement and the investment plan. On the occasion of the meeting scheduled for tonight with the Presidency of the Council, the CGIL will put the issue of the former Ilva as a priority" , concludes the FIOM leader.

The Fiom leader, King David, in an archive photo

The Democratic Party asks the premier, Giuseppe Conte, to immediately convene the company. "On the Ex Ilva affair – says Pietro Bussolati of the national secretariat – we express all our concern and bewilderment over Arcelor Mittal's announcement of disengagement from the company. No time is lost: President Conte immediately summon Arcelor Mittal. we joke with the workers and the environment: we demand seriousness and respect ".

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