Ilva, Italia Viva will present ArcelorMittal's amendment for penal shield


Ilva, Italia Viva will present ArcelorMittal's amendment for penal shield

Italy Viva will present a amendment to the fiscal decree to restore it criminal shield for the leaders of ArcelorMittal in the realization of the plan for theex Ilva. It is learned from parliamentary sources. Italia Viva's move risks shaking the government in the Senate, where many M5S are opposed to restoration. In recent days Luigi Di Maio had warned that an amendment to this effect would create problems for the Executive. Meanwhile, it emerges that the premier Giuseppe Conte should meet again the leaders of ArcelorMittal on Tuesday. The meeting, officially, has not yet been fixed.

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Ex Ilva, Conte wants to mediate: but Arcelor must give us guarantees

The deadline for submitting the proposed amendments to the decree, linked to the maneuver, is set for tomorrow morning at 9.30.

«Already in the CDM I had refused to vote for the restoration of the penal shield. It cannot be a solution to extend the penal shield to all others. The solution must be to make certain investments in this factory. With the Apulian colleagues we are ready with different solutions, we wait to meet Conte to propose them, then he will do the synthesis. There may be national and even European funds that can be used. State aid? This is a strategic issue for Italy and the EU, "said Senator M5S Barbara Lezzi in a video on Fb.

The League is in favor of the shield instead: "We are willing to do anything to save the former Ilva," said Matteo Salvini, arriving at the Fiera di Ferrara.

Meanwhile, the president of the Puglia Region, Michele Emiliano, has called for tomorrow at the regional presidency a meeting with the social and institutional parties (trade unions, Confindustria, the Municipality and Province of Taranto) to discuss the situation of the former Ilva of Taranto after the announced ArcelorMittal disengagement. The Puglia Region reports this. Last updated: 19:14


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