Ilva, government split on the shield. In the event of a bogey 5s-Lega decree


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ArcelorMittal: the government is split

Not only the clash between the government and ArcelorMIttal, but also the internal clash in the government. The case of the former Ilva shakes the Conte bis, with telluric shocks among the allies that could also lead to an epilogue of the experience of government. The comparison to the Council of Ministers on the ex Ilva case was more than ever tense. Democratic Party and Italy have pushed for a quick solution and insisted on the path of the decree. Prime Minister Conte would have taken 48 hours and in the meantime the Quirinale would have been probed on the feasibility of a government instrument to insert the general rule for a penal shield for companies. There is irritation among the dem, parliamentary sources also report, on the desire of M5s to stall on a law opposed by a large group of pentastellat senators. "The government is united and cohesive. Unfortunately there are worrying acts such as the act of withdrawal and in addition a writ of summons aimed at dissolving the contract", explained the prime minister who opened the possibility of immunity and convened for the unions .

And the M5s senators could blow up the provision with the League

"No responsibility for the company's decision can be attributed to the government", he added, "the government is willing to work and keep a negotiating table open". Also in the Council of Ministers the PD would insist on the need to find a solution in a very short time. But on the table there is also the question of redundancies – there is talk of 5000 thousand units – requested by ArcelorMittal and the company's request to revise the contract. The premier called all political forces to responsibility. "It is not a matter of minority or majority, it is the whole country that must bear the brunt of this challenge, the controversy is absolutely useless", he remarked. The fear is that the League could be decisive if there was the need to pass a provision in the Chamber that the Senate M5s group does not seem willing to vote unanimously.

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