Ilva, Conte and the "stolen phrase" with Merkel: "Calculate that until Sunday …". Laughs for not crying


Sull 'Ilva the government is making a comic figure if we were not faced with a tragic situation. IS Osho, on the front page on Time, perfectly photographs the impasse of the premier Giuseppe Conte. A conversation (imaginary, but perhaps not too much) with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the lawyer who has become a salesman desperately looks for a solution for the Taranto steel plant abandoned by the Arcelor Mittal.

WATCH THE VIDEO – "Ilva workers at home?" Speak Patunelli, League unleashed in the Senate: humiliating banner

Not only that, because there are two other huge problems to solve, Alitalia (with the step back of the Germans of Lufthansa) is Whirlpool, emblems of an Italian industrial policy in disarray. "Carcola that until Sunday – whispers Conte to Merkel trying to convince her – if you buy Alitalia you have Ilva and Whirlpool at half price". Laughs for not crying.

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