Ilary Blasi, the photo (without makeup) of her first time as a mother


Yesterday was an important day for the Totti family, the eldest son Cristian he turned 14 and his parents could not help paying homage to him both in real life and on social media, where they dedicated sweet words of love to him. It was June 2015 when Francesco Totti is Ilary Blasi they pronounced the fateful yes, officially becoming husband and wife, and at the time the former letter was already pregnant. After enchanting everyone with the wonderful baby bump for months, he then gave birth to his first child, giving way to his new life as a mother. In spite of many other stars of his caliber, he has always kept his job and family separate, avoiding exposing the children in front of the spotlight, but for the 14 years of the "little man of the house" made an exception.

La Blasi took the opportunity to share on Instagram an unprecedented photo of a moment that she remembers with particular kindness, that of her first time as a mother. The shot was taken a few months after the birth of Cristian, who appears very small in his arms as he takes the bottle with his eyes closed. The attention of the public, however, was not so much the baby, now become a teenager, but rather the presenter of Canale 5. The latter showed up while looking at her son tenderly wearing a soft pink shirt and tied hair . The detail that you can't help but notice? On her face she didn't even have a trick of makeup but, despite this, she was really splendid and radiant, demonstrating the fact that motherhood gives a special light to every woman. In short, Ilary has proven to be a "normal" mother: if on TV she always appears perfect and well prepared, when she is at home with her children she gives herself some common looks, water and soap.

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