Ilaria D'Amico asks Guardiola a question. The technician humiliates her: "You must do your job better"


The Spanish technician responded in a piqued way to a question from Ilaria D'Amico during the connection with SKY Sport.

In the post-race of the Champions League match, Atalanta-Manchester City, ended in a draw, a stinging curtain between Ilaria D'Amico and Pep Guardiola. The SKY Sport presenter asks him: "This summer you have been very close to an Italian bench ", in reference to the rumors of last summer on Juventus. The Citizen technician responds in a piqued way to the question about his eventual landing in Serie A: "You had false information. You have to do your job better ".

The episode was underlined by many users on twitter: "Yesterday with the interview with Sky it was understood that Guardiola will never come to Italy, too hard to bear the D'Amico, Capello and Sconcerti" or also: "Fortunately there are always those who entertain us and she is a guarantee". TOltri instead write: "The beautiful Ilaria is now making more and more gaffes", "Poor wife of Gigi Buffon never guesses one!".

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