IL MATTINO – Napoli, the players do not tolerate the excessive power of Davide Ancelotti


According to Il Mattino, the players don't like the excessive power that Davide Ancelotti has.

Carlo Ancelotti did not know how to stem the protest of the Naples locker room after the match against Salzburg. As Il Mattino writes that the relationship between the calm leader and the team had cracked was already clear for a while. Among the reasons of friction with Ancelotti, an important one is represented by his staff and by the excessive power he has Davide Ancelotti – 30 years – does not seem to have ever convinced as a true vice coach.

Not so much for the chronological age, but for the fact that its credibility has always been undermined by that surname so heavy. The presence of Mino Fulco (the son-in-law of the coach) and Francesco Mauri (son of the historic trainer of Carletto and great friend of Davide) also contributes to making the Ancelotti clan ever more present and unpopular with most of the dressing room, which more than one time has had some contrast with the staff.

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