IL MATTINO – Naples: Callejon and Mertens, goodbye by February? Their future seems decided


Today's edition of the newspaper Il Mattino, within the space reserved for sport, has analyzed the difficult moment that Naples is experiencing.

Callejon is Mertens, as reported in today's edition of the newspaper The morning, they started the season expiring contract. But at this point it is unlikely to be discussed again and their farewells seem increasingly likely with China, which can now be much more than just a temptation. And it cannot be excluded that this could happen already between January and February, given that the Chinese market will close after the Italian one and just last February the sale of Hamsik to the Dalian materialized.

For Jose Maria Callejon and Dries Mertens, the two pillars of Naples in recent years and on which even Ancelotti has made great reliance this season, the future seems ever further away from the blue jersey. The climate at home after the decision by President Aurelio De Laurentiis to send everyone to retreat has become unbearable. To increase the criticality of the moment contributed the same team with the rejection of the order of the company.

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