Igor Zaniolo: "I had to go to Inter, but it all jumped after a headline in Aosta-Pisa: six months of disqualification"


"I took six months of disqualification. My coach in Aosta was Ferruccio Mazzola. His brother Sandro, at that time Inter sports director, he had already told me that at the end of the season he would take me to the Nerazzurri and I would have played my cards in retreat with them. Obviously, after that episode, everything went missing. I had to start from the Serie D and redo the entire die, arriving in Serie B at 27-28 years. I have certainly lost so much time " Gianlucadimarzio.com, Igor Zaniolo, father of the former Inter player Nicolò, remembers the episode that indelibly stains his career and blasts his passage to Inter.

The then attacker of the Aosta in Serie D is a negative protagonist during the challenge with the Pisa of the 1995/96 season: "It was a heartfelt match, with a lot of tension – he says -. We played the championship at the Arena Garibaldi in a stadium with 10,000 people for a Serie D match. I was expelled and while I was leaving the field, I struck with a header Davide Lucarelli, defender of Pisa. An incredible brawl broke out, both on and off the field. The party ended at 5 pm, but I remained stuck inside the stadium until midnight with the opposing fans who didn't want me out. They disguised me as a carabiniere and loaded me on a police car to make me leave. From then on, every time I returned to Pisa it was hell, the next year I arrived at the stadium escorted by the Digos. But I've never been afraid to play away from home, the opposing whistles have always loaded me, on every field ".

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