"If Zhang reacts like Barella, he will give Conte both Vidal and Giroud"


"How can you not get the suspect? In Dortmund, Antonio Conte he says: "To whom to ask for something more? TO Stretcher who comes from Cagliari? " Yesterday Inter won because Barella, who arrived from Cagliari, did something more: a marvel at the crossroads of the posts at 7 'from the 90' ​​". This is the thought of Luigi Garlando who, in the Gazzetta dello Sport, underlines the importance and the objective of Conte's 'vent' after the Dortmund knockout. "He won a mangy match, against a good Verona; it is reported at the top of the rankings, at least for one night; bad that it goes, it will pass the stop to a single length from the Juve – it is read -. Last year, after the 12th, the points of delay were 9. Conte has already done a great deal. At seemingly haunted matches, like yesterday's, Inter first surrendered with resignation, now he rebels and tames them with the force of will. Out of 10 wins, 7 for a single goal. He recently suffered with Sassuolo, Brescia, Bologna … And suffering educates. Conte is preparing a solid ethical frame in which to lower the pawns in thickness. Easier insert stars in a team that already knows how to suffer rather than teach a team of stars to suffer. Suffering is also a sign of limits. Suffering with small and medium ones should be the exception, not the rule. Why does Inter happen so often? For the reasons of Dortmund's "constructive" outburst. We continue to believe it inappropriate in terms of time and manner, bad reasons are sacrosanct. First: few quality alternatives. If they always play the same, it is difficult to have the energy for the aggressive and continuous siege that serves to flush out a closed-loop Verona. Second: lack of artists able to decide with a play. Self Zhang, point in Chinese pride, it will react like Barella and bring him Giroud is Vidal, Antonio will have been really "constructive". And the season, perhaps, will not be a simple transition ".

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