Ideas to invest: shares to buy over the long term


Among the many investment options to focus on and ideas for investing, there are some actions to buy over the long term.

Ideas for investing

Who wants make money with shares can take advantage of several ideas for investing. In particular, some specific sectors such as healthcare companies and the pharmaceutical sector. What are the selection criteria for buying winning shares e high growth? Undoubtedly like investment strategy it may be useful to look at the big names.

The advantages of buying stocks over the long term

In this case, the advantage of buying is a widely diversified market, especially at a geographical level. But it can also be interesting, maybe be interested in those niche actions that occupy a very particular market area. In the latter case the advantage comes from limited competition and from a specific field of action in which one can occupy a leading position. An example in the health sector is that of cutting-edge treatments.

A sector to choose

But why should anyone want to understand how to make money in the markets US Should Choose Healthcare? Obviously the first one advice from analysts is to look at megatrends. In this case it will be the progressive aging of the population. With a consequent increase in the demand for care and assistance. A trend that can be seen today with the increase in healthcare costs in countries like the United States. But they will not be the only ones.

Investment opportunities

In fact the problem, which on the other side of the coin is also ainvestment opportunities regards most economic powers. China included. The giant can be represented by Novartis, despite some problems born on the front of the experimentation of some new drugs. In fact, in the list of his top 10 products there are names that on the front of sales have recorded increases to two digits.

Investing in the long term

Who wants instead invest in the long term the Wall Street market offers many ideas for investing. One of these is Dollar General (DG). In reality it is not one of those chains "all at one dollar" (in Europe it would be "all for one euro"). In reality, however, it sells most of its products with discounts of 20% to 40% compared to supermarkets and traditional pharmacies. And this is the possible trump card for those who invest in the stock. In fact, doing so does not fear competition from Walmart (WMT) and Amazon (AMZN). Not only that, but in the event of a recession it will be precisely the strong discounts that guarantee the survival of even its uninspiring dividend yield, currently at 0.8%.

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