"Ibrahimovic is from Milan": says Don Garber, MLS commissioner


Zlatan Ibrahimovic will return to play in Milan. This is the bomb, perhaps involuntary, dropped by someone who has dealt very closely with the Swede in recent years: it is about Don Garber, commissioner of MLS who in an interview with 'ESPN' may have revealed in advance the fate of the player who will leave the Los Angeles Galaxy and it appeals to many, above all in Italy.

"Zlatan is an interesting character – said Garber, in the middle of a speech that also covered other topics -. He keeps me very busy, players of this type we need them, as happened a few years ago with Beckham. And he's a 38-year-old boy now he was hired by Milan".

An anticipation of the market launched almost silently, but with the serenity of those who are speaking a sentence. Which also pierces a sky that was certainly not calm, but which seemed to stand out above other shores: Florence, perhaps, but above all Bologna that these days he was in fibrillation for a deal that seemed within reach.

And instead Garber now spoils all the cards. And he continues to cuddle a player who is still part of his league anyway: "With the goals scored in the last two years he has almost made a record, thrills on and off the pitch. I would like to see it again in MLS".

"I'm glad he played for us, I particularly enjoyed his Zlatan Moments in which he spoke of himself in the third person", explained Garber, who is convinced of one thing:" If we see him again in the USA depends on the Galaxy".

Not now, though: since in his own words Ibra's future will still be in red and black shades, rewinding a broken thread by now over 7 years ago, With the'goodbye of summer 2012 to go and dress the shirt of PSG.

But the much talked-about return to Milan now seems closer than ever. Waiting for one reaction from via Aldo Rossi.

SPORTAL.IT | 08-11-2019 00:19

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