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A bolt from the blue. The words Don Graber, Commissioner of the MLS, on the possible return of Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Milan they passed the ocean in a few minutes, arriving in Italy, where the Swede is at home, lighting up the enthusiasm of most of the Rossoneri fans. That "Zlatan is being recruited by AC Milan " however, he does not speak of a deal made, not even of negotiation at an advanced stage, to the maximum of interest from the Milan, a position that Dan Courtemanche, executive vice president of the communications department of the MLS, wanted to reiterate on twitter: "Despite the news reported, the MLS commissioner Don Garber did not declare that Milan had purchased Zlatan Ibrahimovic".THE TRUTH ON MILAN – So where will Ibrahimovic play from January? Hardly staying in Los Angeles, despite the suffocating pressing of the Galaxy, two hypotheses remain standing, that of withdrawal (currently the least probable) and that of returning to Europe. Italy is a possibility, Bologna has made a concrete attempt and is waiting for a response, unlike Milan, which thought of Ibrahimovic in the past but, to date, has other priorities. Ibra on the market, from free agent, means rumors and rumors, it's just a matter of waiting a month. By December everything will be clearer.

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