I was alone, I thought of extreme gestures


Reduced from the great popularity collected at Friends Celebrities, Francesca Manzini she returned to television to tell herself about Verissimo. In the episode aired Saturday, November 9th, the eclectic artist, who proved to be brought both for singing and for dancing, told herself with an open heart, without neglecting the most difficult and dark aspects of her life. From difficult relationship with parents:

I to not hear things a child shouldn't hear I closed myself in a room full of my sister's videotapes, which passed down my passion for old movies and shows. There was so much imbalance outside, people who never knew each other, here. Mom and Dad, yes. That I will thank you very much because they taught me evil. If they teach you evil, this creates a survival instinct to give you the stimulus. There were no teachings, no values, there was so much psychological violence. Even the silence was very loud. I had found my shell by watching those videos.

The hard relationship with his father Maurizio Manzini, manager of Lazio

Francesca is the daughter of Maurizio Manzini, Sports manager of Lazio. Without hesitation, the radio and imitator hostess explained that she had grown up in a family where communication was difficult. In particular, the relationship with his father, from whom he would never have received an affectionate gesture, was harsh and angular. Still, the character of the parent has helped make her the person she is today:

I tried to talk to Mom and Dad, but I never could. They were always very nervous, even though my mother tried to lighten up a little because she felt alone because of my father's work. I never had a hug from my father, from my mother yes. He wasn't capable of it, I asked him but he once admitted me angrily: "I'm not able". I understood their poor irresponsibility. My father was a man who could not demonstrate, express. He raised me in his own way, and I thank him for how he did it, because as much as I may have been a failure for him, I am here with you now.

The problems of anorexia and bulimia

Difficult childhood was followed by restless adolescence, marked by problems of anorexia and bulimia. "I got sick because I was becoming aware of what I saw "he said, "I didn't see it as a punishment, it was just letting go. I was anorexic for three and a half months and immediately went into bulimia for six years. I lived badly, because I was in a total abandonment". Bad companies and excesses have characterized those years:

I do not blame anyone, my father followed his career and it was right that way, my mother pursued her beauty, her freedom. In those six years I was alone, they separated and I had no examples. I was a vagabond, I frequented ugly people and I've had bad times. I let myself go, I also drank something more and it didn't do me good. Besides alcohol there were other things, yes. I went out alone. When you reach the edge of the abyss, the survival instinct awakens you.

Francesca Manzini bursts into tears

At that point, Silvia Toffanin asked Francesca if she ever thought "extreme gestures", and she she burst into tears, admitting: "It can happen". Today relations with the mother have improved, while those with the father are still rather difficult.

You know not having a family and above all living is a huge responsibility. Life is beautiful. I am a person who hurt herself, but it was also my fault. But I had no choice, I didn't have anyone to tell me what to do. I had bad moments also because of love stories that ended badly, I lived mourning. I lost my father further, I apologize to someone who has lost someone but to experience mourning for a person who is still alive hurts more. I recovered what was right to recover with him, but he is not interested in the words I said about him. He always saw me as a failure. And if I'm a failure, look what you've created, look what you pulled out. I don't hate it, watch out. I don't have a father, a mother, a sister. I am a being that from other beings, Gabriella (my mother), Maurizio (my father) and Olivia (my sister), in their incapacity, I captured moments.

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