I wanted to go and see him, they didn't want me


Fred Bongusto died in the night at the age of 84 after a long illness. Peppino Di Capri also remembers this, a dear friend of the singer from "Una Rotonda sul Mare", with whom he also went on tour: "He was a person always looking for ironies, there was one among us subtle competition that bound us, a nice and generous competition – the singer from Campania said – We did some tours together that we always had to suspend because they cost too much, I wanted my group he demanded his and with those costs it was impossible to go on ". The two were very close friends". , but from the media it was also told of a sort of rivalry that always fell within the sphere of the spectacle game.

Bongusto, the true voice of the night

"Fred leaves us a wealth of successes that we will continue to sing and that will help us remember him forever", he told Adnkronos Peppino Di Capri, who went on to explain that his late friend tonight "He was very playful, he always gave a dig at what you were doing musically, he was a few years older than me and he was a little teacher – Di Capri affectionately recalls – what I can say is that the night's real voice was his! He had this particular voice, very original and a timbre. unique confidential ".

Fred Bongusto's funeral

It remains a regret to the singer, that of not being able to stay close to him as he would have liked. It seems, in fact, that the singer's daughter did not want Di Capri – who knew of her friend's illness – to visit him: "I wanted to visit him several times but unfortunately his stepdaughter never wanted. Other friends too and colleagues tried to contact him but unfortunately it was not possible "he concluded. Fred Bongusto's funeral will be celebrated in Rome on Monday 11 November at 3 pm in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Montesanto (Church of the artists), Piazza del Popolo

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