"I tell you how Sensi and D'Ambrosio are"


VERONA – "Face it with great attention, healthy team that runs and presses. It won't be easy, we will have to be good also to dispose of the defeat with Dortmund. Surely he can leave some trailing, but surely he will also make a growth process on our part".

THE POST DORTMUND WORDS – "You see it as an outlet, I honestly don't see it that way. It is a way, a constructive fund, absolutely, to try to understand where, however, some mistakes have been made. But without pointing to anyone, putting me first in the situation. You have seen it as an outlet, I don't know if any manager sees it that way. I have been called to change the engine speed of Inter over the last 9 years, everything I do I do to try to be constructive. We must do better because we are Inter. If it was an outlet for you … for me it was constructive. Then when we are in the friendly walls the managers are the first to recognize that certain things could have been done better, I see the same thought with them".

ACCIDENT SITUATION – "These are all situations that must make us think about things in a way that I have always said before. When you face two such important competitions you have to take into account the traumatic injury, there was for Sanchez, Politano and D'Ambrosio. We need to be good in the future to try to work around this kind of situation. Worried? I very much trust this group of guys who are doing things that I think are incredible and extraordinary in great difficulty. Because it is an objective difficulty that there has been in this period of 7 games in 20 days. On the one hand, there are a few worries because the group is getting smaller, but on the other I am very happy because the guys are giving me the soul, they are doing their best. I see great margins for improvement, let us remember that it is a group of young people. Lautaro is 22 years old, Barella has 23, then Sensi, Skriniar … Lukaku himself is 26 years old. Young group on which we can build. Having said that, there is on my part to try to raise the bar regardless, not to give in quotation marks alibi. We are Inter. We must compete and return to compete for important goals. It is right that I should raise the bar for everyone, even for me, but constructively. If I'm wrong, I'm sorry for someone but in all there is a strategy ".

IDEAS IN ATTACK – "But you know, the ideas right now … alternative is to bring a spring boy in pink. I honestly don't see other alternatives right now. But … I still have great faith in Lukaku and Lautaro, also Esposito. to start someone from 1. We will grow Fonseca and Vergani with us ".

D'AMBROSIO– "He's been training with us for a week, but he feels a little annoyed. He has a fractured toe, it is inevitable that the calcification does not arrive overnight. There is in understanding the pain of kicking the ball and we are talking about a player who has a very high endurance of work. Let's see for tomorrow, but after the break it could be totally available ".

MEANING – "Stefano comes from this problem to the adductor, he is struggling a little to recover from this problem. I tried to manage it in the best way, let's see what kind of situation there will be for tomorrow. Let's see, we'll make evaluations. It is inevitable knowing that after this game there are 15 days we should make evaluations maybe even biting our lips. But we must be intelligent and cold until we pay future consequences ".

MENTAL RECALL – "When I talk about strategy speech, it is also part of this. I don't think I was called … I was called to change something. To change engine revs, to change a type of situation for 9 years he saw Inter outside of any situation, except for the last two years of Luciano Spalletti, seeing the difficulties I am encountering, I repeat, I was called and I also accepted Inter knowing I would arrive at a historic moment "Certainly it is difficult. Those who are in front of it have been there for a long time … and they are very structured. And I am not referring only to Juventus. It is inevitable that I bring expectations, and the expectations I put on myself, but not "I can only keep them on myself. We all have to change engine revolutions if we want to bring Inter back to competing with the president. Anything that is done is done for the good of Inter. If I make trouble for someone or if I'm trying to bring someone in turns to which he is not used … I am sorry but I have been called for this. If I realize that this cannot be done it becomes difficult. But I can't distort myself. I ask a lot to myself and my staff. We must seek excellence. We cannot be satisfied with working for excellence. I saw that someone did, they play on Conte, satisfied … I can't be satisfied. It is a historic moment in which we must raise the bar. I raise it, my staff, the players will raise it clubs and managers. All united and compact. Only in this way does it mean to love Inter … otherwise the story will always be the same and it will be a pity. I don't like vivacchiare. I can do it in the right or wrong way but the concept is this. "

TEAM TOTALLY MY – "Absolutely. The market choices are always made in collaboration with the club, knowing what can be done. Again, my only complaint is that when we planned the squad we did not budget out some situations that could happen and that had already happened in the past. Happy to have this rose and these players. At a numerical level we were however superficial ".

TURN OF THE ROUND IN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE – "Winning in Dortmund would have changed our lives. We had a foot and a half in the next round. There must be great regret for Barcelona and Dortmund for what it could be. Now I have to be honest. The passing percentages have changed and they are very small . We must win ours and not look at others "

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