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The mother of Nadia Toffa, Margherita, was a guest of the episode of ‘Sunday Live‘Transmitted 10 November. The interview with Barbara D'Urso it turned out to be particularly exciting. In fact, the hostess, too, was very attached to the "Le Iene" correspondent and explained:

"It is very exciting for me, I also have trouble, you know the special relationship that existed between Nadia and me. Yesterday I took a very complicated train journey. I came back from Rome. I checked all the services that we would send today is I cried all the time. I vented on the train yesterday and today I will try to be impassive, even if it is impossible ".

While reading the way in which Nadia Toffa told the day of illness, Barbara D'Urso had her voice broken by tears.

Mother Margherita's tears

Seeing the images depicting Nadia Toffa, her mother Margherita was moved. Barbara D'Urso, then, stated that all the videos that had been broadcast were previously agreed with the lady. The latter, visibly excited, told the last days of her daughter's life:

"He smiled until the end, until the last day. He always thanked God. He said: "If this is my destiny I accept it, if I still have something to do, it will leave me here." She never complained. He used to say to me: "Please mom never leave me, you can't leave before me." He accompanied me for a year and a half and when the last day I saw her change, I saw her turn pale, I saw her more sleepy, I realized that my child wanted to go. I whispered to her: "Treasure fly, your mother is happy now." And she's gone. But it's here, always here. Through illness he understood that it was necessary to accept his own destiny, but also to fight, to rely on doctors and the hands of God ".

The brave battle of Nadia Toffa

Signora Margherita has declared that she has always been at her daughter's side, from the day of her illness to that of her death on 13 August 2019: "I never left her. I was with her day and night. Even to go out shopping I was afraid. I always wanted to be with her and luckily she wanted me. She just wanted me.". So he talked about the brave fight against brain cancer:

"He fought and fought with great confidence, with great strength. An unimaginable force. It was she who encouraged me. He used to say "You'll see mom that everything will be fine". He knew exactly what he had. He used to say "You'll see mom, he's not in a bad place, you'll see that I can live with it." It was calmed ".

The messages he sent to Barbara D'Urso

Barbara D'Urso recalled Nadia Toffa's visits to the dressing room and the numerous messages she received from her: "We had a special relationship, she sent me pictures of flowers, the pictures of the pants her companion had given her. She told me:" They are winter pants. Even if they wait for me at the morgue, I get there at Christmas'. Once she came to my dressing room, took off her hat and showed me that on one side she was completely shaved and she said to me laughing: "What do I care, your hair grows again". Mrs Margherita also concluded by recalling an anecdote: "When she did her first chemotherapy. Her partner waited outside with a green apple coat down to her feet. He told her" I'm giving it to you because you will surely arrive next winter "." On November 7th the second book by Nadia Toffa was released with the title "Don't do the good guys". The proceeds will go to charity.

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